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Head, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Cain Carroll: The Four Dignities



Joint Health

Cain Carroll: The Four Dignities



Digestion + Health

Cain Carroll: The Four Dignities



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Cain Carroll: The Four Dignities

The Four Dignities:
The Spiritual Practice of Walking, Standing, Sitting and Lying Down

What is Radiant Awakening?

Radiant Awakening is path of self-discovery and self-healing based in awareness training, meditation, and mindful movement.

Through correct application of the Awakening Triangle, a quantum leap toward greater fulfillment in all Nine Spheres of life becomes possible.

The three components of Cain Carroll's Awakening Triangle are described below »

» VIEW: Mental Framework / The Way We See Things
Foundation: The first step is to know yourself at every level.

Two Golden Questions:

1. Who am I?
2. What do I really want; what is my Deepest Aspiration?

The second step is to clearly understand the universal principles of natural law. These dictate the function of our body, mind, and the world as we know it.

Once we understand yourself -- and begin living in harmony with Life's universal principles -- a new realm of possibilities begins to emerge.

A clear View is the foundation of genuine spiritual practice, vital health, and deep fulfillment on all levels.

» METHOD: Cohesive Action / The Way We Do Things
Foundation: Align all Nine Spheres of life with your Deepest Aspiration.

Behind everything we do is a desire to be free from suffering and experience inner peace and lasting joy. When the way we see things (View) and the way we do things (Method) are in harmony, we get the Results we want.

The Nine Spheres are interrelated. They overlap in the Vital Center (lower belly), and are rooted in our basic desire for enjoyment. When one Sphere is stuck, all of the others Spheres are adversely affected. When the Vital Center is obstructed, all of the Nine Spheres suffer.

The unique Radiant Awakening practices of self-healing, mindful movement and meditation clear the Vital Center of tension and trauma and restore balance to all Nine Spheres. The purpose of the practice is to end the Cycle of Affliction.

The outcome is a return to natural radiance.

» RESULT = View + Method
Foundation: Get out of your own light.

Correct understanding (View) and personal effort (Method) are essential. Yet, knowing and doing are only half of the picture.

Ultimately, we must learn to relax into Being.

It's a matter of releasing the habit of resistance and allowing the Light of Life to fully shine within us.

Through correct training of body and mind, we learn to enter into intimate relationship with Life. Clarity and calm emerge. Body and mind return to balance. The constant struggle of trying to attain something satisfying, of striving to become someone good enough -- this entire anxious drama -- finally comes to an end. Through our own direct experience of awakening, we realize that we are already and always complete. As this realization stabilizes, we begin to enjoy an enduring sense of vitality, creativity, and peace.

Radiant Awakening Events

Cain's schedule is organized around a series of Radiant Awakening Events hosted globally.


Please visit our events page for more information.

The Radiant Awakening for Organizations

Cain Carroll has adapted the Radiant Awakening to serve the needs of businesses, non-profit organizations, universities, schools, and other institutions.

Please contact us for further information. Cain Carroll is available for executive workshops as well as team seminars.